​​Paizhe Pressley - Professional Organizer 
My name is Paizhe Pressley and I am organized.  Being organized does not mean being a neat freak and cleaning all the time.  I'll be the first person to tell you cleaning is no fun.  
Being organized does mean always knowing where to find your keys, wallet, kid’s permission slips, and umbrella. 
In our fast pace world, we are often being pulled in a million directions, and it can be easy to let "stuff" pile up.  One junk drawer turns into two and before you know it your home or office makes you feel stressed and inefficient.  You know you have a dining room table you just can’t see it under the layer of mail, newspapers, homework, toys, and what-nots.  You spend valuable time looking for things you know you put someplace and sometimes it feels as if your space is growing smaller and smaller each day.  
You may feel you don’t have time to deal with organizing it all, but I believe you don’t have time to ignore it.  Creating a place for everything will help you control your surroundings rather than letting your surroundings control you.  You’ll gain back valuable time, a sense of accomplishment and a place for your keys!
I think we all breathe a little easier and are able to enjoy life a little more when we aren’t living with clutter and an endless to-do list weighing us down.  I'm here to help overwhelmed people create beautiful, well-functioning spaces they can love.

Together we can make your home Happily Organized After!